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With 12 matches played out of 26, the team is performing well over expectations. We currently hold 2nd place with 24 points with Gamla Uppsala in first place with 26 points. I was forced to use a 5-32 formation during the early matches because of injuries, and overall, I’ve had a lot of trouble keeping my midfield intact. The good part is that a few players that I dind’t expect to use, got some match training.

I’ve been working on aquiring a few new players, and I have a few young players arriving during the summer. I’ll report on the new players once they are transfered.


Well, as the title suggests, I got knocked out of the Swedish cup. The team performed ok, but couldn’t beat any of the teams in the tough group.

Now it’s time to focus on the rest of the season.

I’m still not sure whos going to make the start 11, and I’ll use this season to introduce some new tactics. I’ve set the tream to prepare a 5-3-2, and the 4-2-2-2 I used last season.

I really could use another central midfielder since my best one is currently injured.

Here’s a list of my first team as of right now. (Late march 2014)

Anders Brunell (GK)

Recently signed goolkeeper, who’ll be my first choice for this season.

Erik Tengroth (DR)

A solid palyer who’s been in the team since the start ( I think he started his career in Karslund), and my team captain.

Simon Aljaderi (DC)

Young defender. I picked him up for this season.

Lasse Boman (DC)

Picked up for this season, young promising player.

Erik Jungholm Melin (D C/L)

My best defender, even though he didn’t perform that well during the later part of last season.

Emil Skogh (DL)

Signed last season, my primary left defender.

Marcus de  Bruid (DL)

Secundary left defender, also signed last season.

Yosif Ayuba (MC)

Best central midfielder, signed last season, and is a key player.

Kim Kuusisto (MC)

Signed for this season, a young but promising midfielder.

Adam Botvidsson (AM R/L/C)

Solid player, one of the few remaining first team players from 2012.

Simon Leonidsson (AM R/L, ST)

Very good attacking midfielder but also a decent striker (one of my best). Had him on loan during 2013 and signed him for last season.

Miralem Malic (ST, AM R)

Signed him after the 2012 season after a loan. Right now I’m not sure it was the best signing, but I use him as a strider right now, with good results.

Christer Lipovac (ST)

Promoted to the first team after the first season, has been doing very well, even though he is young. I may not be able to keep him.

Harish Kuhi (ST)

This guy has been in Karslund for a few years, he is getting old, and I’m not sure he is good enough for the first team this year.

Adrian Engdahl (GK)

A young and promising goolkeeper. He played in the first team for most of last season, and I expect to use this guy quite a lot in the future.

Alexander Berntsson (DC)

Signed during the 2012 season. He hasn’t really performed and developed as I hoped, but I’ll at least keep him for the upcoming season.

Kadir Hodzic (D/M R)

Picked up last season to strengthen my defense. He served as a backup for Erik Tengroth right now.

Philip Olofsson (DC)

Signed during 2013, he has been doing well and will HE’ll be on rotation for central defence.

Jamie steel (MC)

I picked him up during the 2012 season, and even though he isn’t performing to well, and has a tendency to get a lot of yellow cards I have to keep him as a backup for now.

Daniel Karlsson, Bala Musa Bajaha and Samuel Mokede is still in the club but no longer needed. Maybe one of them will geta a chance to play, but not likely. I’ll release them when their contract runs out.

I have more players then this, but these are the pretty much the interesting players.

I’ll try to complete this post with screenshots later on.





So, I decided to call back the players a bit early for the Pre-season since we have Swedish cup group play in March. While the players have been on holiday, a lot have changed in the staff department. As mentioned earlier, most of my staff quit at the end of last season, however I eventually manage to find some decent replacements. Here’s my staff for this season.

Director of football: Andreas Levi who has been in the club since I started

Reserves manager: Johan Karlsson, signed for this season

Assistant manager: Gabriel Bulut who is also a goolkeeper, however I don’t expect him to get much playtime. He is ok for an assistant at this level, and was the best I could find.

Head of youth development: Jiannis Vasillou. I signed him last season, I would like to gswitch him to a coaching contract but he doesn’t want a new contract, so I expect to loose him after this season.

Coach: Joakim Jensen. Hired for this season, good at defence and tactics. Also decent at attack coaching.

Goalkeeper coach: Mikael Grahn hired last season, and I’ll try to extend  his contract past 2014.

Head PHysio: ANki Vennersten, who has worked for the club for a long time.

3 sdcouts, all new

That’s it about the staff. Now to the players:

I’ve made two new signings as well as extended some contract for existing players.

The new signings are Kim Kuusisto (midfielder), Anders Brunell (Goalkeeper) and Simon Aljedari (defender, hot prospect).

I expect to see good things from all of these players as they’ve all been hired for the first team.

I’ll try to post a squad update once the pre-season is complete.

My expectations for this season is not very hig. I just want to avoid relegation.


Well, the title says it all, doesn’t it. We ended up winning the season by 4 points. With 5 games left, I started loosing again, but eventually managed to win enough games to clain the title. Next season will be busy, with a tougher league and the Swedish cup group play in March. The club new sponsorship after the promotion, but it’s basically the same as the previous one (6MKR per year), so I can’t expect a huge budget increase. The preliminary budgets are slightly higher than this season, but this will pretty much be eaten up by increases in player  wages.

Right now I’m trying to hire new staff, since most of the current stuff, either doesn’t want new contracts, or I don’t want them, hence, I’m loosing all my scouts, assistant manager and coaches. On the up sie, I also got rid of 12 players I don’t want anymore. The squad was growing a bit to big as of late with a bunch of players that didn’t get a chance to ever play. Below are some screenshots to conclude the season.



We’re now approaching the end of the season and things are looking really well, even though I lost the last match.

With 18 league matches played we’re 14 for 4. The team also performed well in the Swedish Cup Beating the Local team BK Forward in the first round and GAIS in the 2nd round on over time. I’m still in the lead, but I expect the last 4 matches to be quite difficult considering what happend in mid season. We currently need7 more points to guarantee promotion.The newcomers in the team have been doing quite well, so far, replacing my left defender and I also have a nice backup for the right defense.



Well, right after I posted the last updated, thigns started going wrong. We lost 3 matches in a row, but won the last match. One of my important midfielders is also injured, as well as some poor discipline in the team that doesn’t help matters.

Anyway, the table now looks like this.

I’ve made 3 now signings for the defense. They’ll arrived quite soon, and hopefully help a bit.

My singings so far have been quite successful, my new young goolkeeper Adrean ENgdahl is doing quite well for himself,  he had the chance to prove himself during the first few matches.


I should have written this a long time ago, but things have gotten in between, and I wasn’t really sure what to think about this game honestly.

The main character in The witcher 2 is Geralt of Rivia, I monster-hunter or Witcher. If you’ve played The Witcher, the first game in the series, you’ll recognize him, as well as some other characters in this game. The game starts in a prison, or more like a dungeon where you are interigated by a captain of the king’s guard (or something like that). During the interigation you “relive” the events you’re questioned about. This, I asume is kind of a tutorial to the game, even though it’s really difficult for a tutorial (this is a standard separate tutorial as well, just to learn how to use powers and fight).

The game does not feature class choices or character customization from the start. You are stuck with Geralt and his abilities. You can however, customize your character in different areas when you level up, so I asume there’s different ways to play the game.

I’ve only played through the interigation part, so I can’t say anything about the size of this game yet, but after what I’ve heard it’s big, with a lot of side quests. One thing I will say though, is that the game is kind of difficult right from the start, I also quickly discovered one of the annoyances of this game. The game seem to be using quite a few quicktime events. Quicktime events are ok in some places,, I can live with them in Mass Effect, but here they were a bit annoying, not sure why. Maybe it’s because this could have been done just as well in the game engine. This is just my personal openion and nothing that should ruin the game.

The combat, however is awasome, it feels really good and fluid. I don’t know any other way to describe it.THis is an area where the game really shines.

The game has crafting as well, it seems quite simular to the original game, but I haven’t done enough of it yet to say anything about it.

When looking at an RPG you have to look at the story and the charactrers in the game. I’ve only just started this game, but I like the story so far. I don’t think it has the same character depth as some other games though. I guess the game I have to compare this with got to be the dragon age series, and in my openion those games, especially Dragon age: Origin has more character depth,


From what I’ve seen so far, the graphics in this game are awasome. A lot of attention has been paid to detail. I’m not far into the game yet, but I expect to see some great envirements throughout the game. Despite the nice looking graphics, the game runs really well on my system.



The music in this game is great, even though, again I prefer the music in DA. Same goes for the voice acting. I’ve read a lot of people think the voice acting in this game is great, but I think it varies. I haven’t experianced anything terrible yet, but I’m not as impressed as I was when first playing Dragon age: Origin. The sound effects and ambient sounds are good.

User interface

While it takes a little time to get used to, the game does a good job of telling you how to User interfaceuse abilities and other hotkeys available. Overall, the UI is good.


As mentioned abovbe you play as Geralt of Rivia. He seem to be a quite self-sufficient character who prefers to travel and fight alone. So far I haven’t seen any signs of party-based gameplay and I don’t expect to see it later. There’s a lot of NPCs to interact with, but I don’t think you’ll be able to form a party.


Overall, this game seem to be one of the better RPS over the past few years. I still prefer the Bioware RPGs over this game, but it’s still an awasome game so far.


Just a quick update this time. After the first seven matches, the results are 7-0-0 with a GD of +18. I’ve been using a 4-2-2-2 or 4-2-4  tactic depending on how you look at it. It’s quite offensive to say the least, but fits my players very well.

I just received my first manager of the month award.



The pre-season went really well, except I lost another coach, I now have only one coach remaining from the original staff.

The team has also had a few injuries, including Bala Musa Bajaha: My goolkeeper. I managed to sign a new young goolkeeper but he caught a flew one week before season start, so I’m not sure he’ll be ready to play.

Same goes for Leonidsson, another key player.

I now have a pretty strong squad overall, and think I can do well this season. My reqquirements are to finish in the upper half of the table, and I hope that won’t be a problem.


My squal and tactics looks like this:


It’s now time for the 2013 pre-season and I think my team might be ready to at least try to win this time. The off-season was a mess, cause I lost a few of my coaches as well as my Assistant manager. I had trouble finding decent replacements and now I have a mix of coaches and an Assistant manager that  I don’t think is that great, but he was the only one I could find. All my coaches now seem to disagree on the quality of some of my players. I’m not sure why this is, but a few players show up as 1 star for one coach and 4 stars for another. This includes my goalkeepr as well as some  players that did well last season, including Samuel Mokede.

I’ve only signed one additional player, except for the players I had on loan earlier; Yosif Ayuba. A central midfielder from DJurgården that got released.

I’m also using a young local player Named Christer Lipovac, whom according to some of my coaches is my best or second best striker. I’ll try to judge for myself and try them out in friendlies.

I feel much better about the squad overall this season.