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I’ve played both Far Cry 1 and 2 and found them to be pretty good. I lost interest in FC1 after a while, but played FC2 quite a lot. It’s not like I was in a hurry to get this game when it came out, but I felt it was worthwhile to pick it up on a sale.

The plot is similar to the previous games. You end up alone in a sparsely populated area somewhere in the world, in this case in an fictional archipelago. This time around you won’t have to worry about the malarea like in FC2, so you can focus more on exploring and improving your equipment. The game has a basic crafting system that allows you to get better equipment by hunting wild animals and gathering plants.



The graphics are really, really good for the most part, with a lot of stunning views, good looking characters, vehicles and animals.



Great sound effects, not much in terms of music, even thoug hthere is music to add to the feel of the game.

User interface

One of the few problems I find with this game is the user interface. The whole things feels a bit “consoly”. THe inventory system is easy to use, but I feel that some things requires to many clicks.




You start out alone on an island, but the game has more to offer then most first person shooters. A lot of exploration, tons of side missions, a good story so far, and just lots of things to do in general. You gain experiance by killing pirates, hunting, taking over outposts and completing missions. COmpleting missions also unlocks certain weaons. The crafting system could be a bit more flexible. Right now, the way it works is that certain items requires certain hides and sometimes things just get stupid. The game has a lot of stealth elements along with the usual shooting stuff. You can also find a lot of vehicles throuighout the game, and I like the way they handle.




If you want a good first person shooter with some of the best character interaction I’ve seen in a game like this, you should pick this one up. I wish the main character wasn’t as good at shooting, and they should have made more out of the survival elements in this game. The unexperianced main character is surprisingly good at using firearms that he has probably never seen before. Despite the problems, it’s still a good game and worth playing.

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