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This is a game I’ve been wanting to play since it came out a few years but never picked up. I was a huge fan of Baldur’s gate back in the 90s and also own the BG remake, ubt haven’t had time to play it that much either.

If you’ve played Baldur’s gate, or other Infinity Engine games you’ll feel quite at home. It’s easy to see this game was inspired by those games, but at the same time, it’s quite different. The system is inspired by D&D II think, but it feels fresh and I like the way stats work so far. It feels like there’s a enough to do to keep your busy for quite some time, and the game should also have some replayability. There’s a lot of side quests, and the game feels unforgiving at times. This isn’t a problem since you can tweak a lot of difficulty settings, but don’t expect the difficulty to be increased linearly If you go in the wrong direction you can easily hit a wall, and you’ll have to leave and come back later. I like it this way, so for me this isn’t a problem at all, rather the opposite.

I expect the spend a lot of time with this game, and should probably have picked it up earlier.


The graphics isn’t super impressive by today’s standard, but I like the art style, and as with everything else in this game, it reminds me of old times.



Music is nice, sound effects are fine. The only problem I have is that the voice overs seem to be a bit random. You may find an NPC that has voice overs for part of the conversation, but not all of it. Voice overs could have been more consistent, but I guess they didn’t have time. An add on with full voice over is something that I personally would be willing to pay for. The game also has a lot of text and dialogue, so being able to listen to more voice overs would be nice. It’s no big deal, but it’s something I’ve noticed.


User interface

The UI is pretty straight forward for the most part, but some things are a bit unclear. Some UI help features will also be disabled in expert mode.



If you’ve played Infinity engine games like Baldur’s gate you’ll feel at home here. You’ll do a lot of pausing during combat, so the game might take time. THere’s a ton of micro management to do to win some battles. As mentioned, the game has a lot of lore text and dialogue, so be ready to spend a lot of time reading.


I love this game. Probably one of my top RPGs along with Baldur’s gate and Dragon Age Origin. I won’t compare this to the Bethesda titles since they are completely different. If you want a classic RPG, pick this up!