Monthly Archives: November 2017

This is another game I’ve been wanting to play for quite some time. I remember drooling over the original Wastelands when it came out in 1989, but never had the money to get the 6 5’25 disk game (at least it was 6 if I remember correctly). I was going to kickstart this game, but ended up not doing it (thought I had more time). I didn’t buy on release cause I had other games to play and never got around to it until recently. I’m really happy to see games in this old school RPG genre coming out. The game feels a bit unpolished at time, and I would love more voice overs, but overall, this is a great game.


The graphics are good enough, they are far from tripple A quality, but works well for this game.



Sound effects are ok, but nothing special.

User interface

The user interface can be a bit clunky at times, at least till you get used to it. Maybe there’s some settings I can tweak, I haven’t looked into it.



If you like old style RPGs. get this game! If you like the combat style of the original XCOM series, you’ll like this as well. You don’t get much of a tutorial. Just some popups the first time you run into something, like wounds, death etc. This is nice, but if you create your own squad for the first playthrough, you’re pretty much left in the dark. A personal tip from me is to make sure you have someone with the perception skill in your party. ALso make sure to scout out the first area and talk to everyone before you leave. You can get a companion that really helps.


This game will end up of my top list of RPGs. There isn’t as much interaction between party members as in the infinity games, but overall, this is a great game.