Monthly Archives: March 2020

Since I’ve been looking into survival style city buildings for the past few years. This game was an obvious buy for me.

The developer behind this has made a similar style game called planet base that I haven’t played unfortunately.

This game takes place in the early history of mankind (Or should I call it early modern history since we are talking about modern humans?). You start out as a hunter gatherer tribe in the Paleolithic era (Old stone age) and need to survive and develop your tribe into an iron age settlement. I would say the game spans a few thousand, up to maybe 10.000 years depending on how you look at it.


The visuals are nice, with a lot of attention to detail. There’s also a sort of action camera to get a close up of any thing in the game, instead of the usual top-down view. It has no practical use but it’s a nice touch.


Well, the game has good ambient music, audio cues and other sounds expected from such a game. Animal sounds and human grunts (or whatever it is) is also well done.

User interface

The user interface is nice and clear but I would like some more hotkeys and panels. Adding specific villages to a hot key would be nice for example. They have added more panels through patches, so I hope this may be added in the future.


This feels like a quite casual city builder at first, but if you play on higher difficulty or in hard core mode you have a lot of pressure to keep developing your settlement to avoid getting wiped out by raiders that will occasionally attack and try to destroy your nice little village. WHen you are not under attack, it’s all about assigning important tasks and placing buildings. It’s the usual city building stuff plus hunting. Just be careful what you try to kill, because animals will defend themselves and kill your villages. Your villages may also get killed while gathering resources or fetching food, bu roaming aggressive animals (I hate those wolves).


So far, I love this game. If you are interested in a survival style city building game. This is for you. This reminds me of banished, but has more features and resources plus a quite big tech tree, that seem to be growing with every patch. Buy it when you have the chance!