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We’ve completed a very successful pre-season with solid results in friendlies and some squad enhancements. The squad feels much broader at the start of this season then it did last season. As mentioned earlier, I tied the goalkeeper O’brian to the team permanently. I also hired 2 new coaches.

I lost Jake Galagher to another club but managed to pick up Horsfield as replacement. I also picked up a 35 year old midfielder by the name of Karl Doguid as an allround replacement in case of injuries.

My hopes are high for this season, but we’ll see.

Some screenshots to show the squad and league table.

2013-14 start of season table

2013-14 Start of season squad


2013-14 start of season tactics screen


So, as we enter the Blue square bet PRemier league, the Board of directors have decided that the team shoud go pro. This causes a bit of a problem, since I’ve allready signed new part-time contracts with a bunch of the good players. Not sure how this will work honestly.


I signed the goalkeeper I had on loan last year; O’Brian. Even though he didn’t perform well, I hope he’ll do better in the future.

With a Wage budget of 7K and the goal set to mid-table, this may be a tough season.



I spoiled it in the subject. After beating H & Y with 1-1+1-0 and Dover with 1-0 Welling has been promoted to the Blue square bet premier league. The first match was the toughest since the team didn’t beform well against that perticular team earlier in the season. I was quite happy facing Dover in the finals cause we were 2 out of 2 against them.

Anyway, it’s always nice to gain promotion the first season, I asume that my goal for next season will be to avoid religation. Here’s some End of season screenshots.


New contract 2013


Playoffs 2013 semi final win

Playoffs2012-2013 win2012 season recap 1


2013-2013 season confidence


2012-2013 final league overview


2012-2013 Final league standings

Welling finished the season in 5th place, thanks to the great start of the season. DUring the 2nd half pretty much everything went wrong, so my hopes for the playoffs are pretty low. The team managed to stay in 5th place , because other teams didn’t do to well, and we managed to win a few matches every now and then. Salsbury ended up winning the division. The Playoff teams are Boreham wood, Welling Hayes and Yeeding and Dover. Sadly I didn’t take a screenshot of league standings before playoffs were announced, so I currently can’t view the league standings, but I ended up in 5th by one point!.

I also managed to renew the contracts of all the players I want to keep, including Jack Obersteller, Hughes-Mason and other. I haven’t managed to sell any of the players I wanted to get rid of, so I’ll have to let them go for free.

I don’t expect and player or manager of the year award this year, but hopefully we can get a promotion if the players can play like they did early on.

I’ll be back with a final recap once the playoffs are done.




The first half of the season has gone quite well. Welling is currently in 2nd place and we’ve progressed through to the 3rd round in the FA Cup as well as the FA trophy. The problem right now though, is that after some cup replays due to draws the player isn’t getting a break at all. December was terrible and January will be just as bad. It also looks like we’ve hit a wall in the FA CUP facing wolverhampton in the next round. This might actually be a good thing, since the players are desperate for rest.

I’ve managed to pick up a few players on loan but we’re still lacking substitutes in some positions.

See the below screenshots for some details.

Jan 2013 schedule

League 2012-12

Roster 2012-12

After the last update, things went sideways for a few matches, but with 13 matches played we’re at the 3rd spot in the league and have won 3 matches to qualify for the FA CUT first round. I currently have trouble with some strikers not getting enough play time and parts of the squad is very narrow. I’ve managed to get 2 players on loan, but no solid replacements if a central defender or midfielder gets injured. Some of the players haven’t got enough rest but so far it seems to work fine. I picked up a new young goalie named Farmer but I don’t expect much from him for some time.

I’ll get back with another update as the season pregresses.


This is my squad for the start of the season.

Starting squad welling 2012

The first few matches has gone quite well starting with a solid 2-0 win vs. Bath away with Franks scoring both goals. We followed that up with couple of wins against Cheilsford and Tonbrigde. The 4th match however didn’t go our way when we faced the team I tried last time around: Sutton Utd. It ended 3-3 with one of my players (Fazakerly) banned after receiving 2 yellow cards. 40 minutes into the game. We also had Lee Clarke injured but I hope things will keep going well. Franks even picked up the player of the month for August.







As mentioned earlier I didn’t expect to be able to change much during the first season with this time, and as things look right now, I haven’t been able to pick up a single new player,  neither on loan or on free transfer. I still have a few days left, but I don’t expect anything drastic to change. I’m currently working on a 4-4-2 tactic with what I have, but so far we haven’t done to wel in the pre season. On the positive side, we did quite well vs. Dag & Reds who is a pretty good team.



Well, time to start over again with a new team. This time I picked Welling. I don’t know much about them, but it seems like a kind of in the middle team that aspire to get to playoffs. The Squad seems quite balanced, but if we face injuries early on we’re going to be in trouble. With a transfer budget of 0 and a wage budget of 4k£ I don’t expect to pick up that many new players during the pre season. I notice right away that we don’t have any scouts, so that’ll be the first thing to fix.

I’ll try to get through the pre season fairly quickly this time.