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Since I’ve been looking into survival style city buildings for the past few years. This game was an obvious buy for me.

The developer behind this has made a similar style game called planet base that I haven’t played unfortunately.

This game takes place in the early history of mankind (Or should I call it early modern history since we are talking about modern humans?). You start out as a hunter gatherer tribe in the Paleolithic era (Old stone age) and need to survive and develop your tribe into an iron age settlement. I would say the game spans a few thousand, up to maybe 10.000 years depending on how you look at it.


The visuals are nice, with a lot of attention to detail. There’s also a sort of action camera to get a close up of any thing in the game, instead of the usual top-down view. It has no practical use but it’s a nice touch.


Well, the game has good ambient music, audio cues and other sounds expected from such a game. Animal sounds and human grunts (or whatever it is) is also well done.

User interface

The user interface is nice and clear but I would like some more hotkeys and panels. Adding specific villages to a hot key would be nice for example. They have added more panels through patches, so I hope this may be added in the future.


This feels like a quite casual city builder at first, but if you play on higher difficulty or in hard core mode you have a lot of pressure to keep developing your settlement to avoid getting wiped out by raiders that will occasionally attack and try to destroy your nice little village. WHen you are not under attack, it’s all about assigning important tasks and placing buildings. It’s the usual city building stuff plus hunting. Just be careful what you try to kill, because animals will defend themselves and kill your villages. Your villages may also get killed while gathering resources or fetching food, bu roaming aggressive animals (I hate those wolves).


So far, I love this game. If you are interested in a survival style city building game. This is for you. This reminds me of banished, but has more features and resources plus a quite big tech tree, that seem to be growing with every patch. Buy it when you have the chance!

Recently, I’ve set a goal to play at least a few of the CIty builders, and especially those with a focus towards survival. This game came out last year I think, and I heard about it through a podcast. Maybe you can say it’s more of a base building game, but I still put it into the category of survival city builders. It’s set in a future where the earth is suffering from Global cooling, yes, not warming, but cooling. You have quite a small area with limited resources to work with and things can get quite hectic at times.


The graphics are definitely nice in this game, even though everything is icy. It has some nice effects and I really love some of the buildings. The game has some cutscenes, but these are nothing special.


The sound effects are nice, and I love some of the voiceover lines. The music is fantastic. You can listen to it on Spotify if you like that kind of music. It works really well for the mood of this game.

User interface

The user interface works fine for the most part, even though I sometimes find myself trying to find specific buildings when things get cluttered later on.


Usually in this type of game, I go for sandbox mode if available. Here however I went straight for the first scenario. I think there is a sand box mode available now, but I haven’t tried it. The whole point of this game is that things get worse over time. You start with a limited set of buildings and very few people, and this game is played over days instead of years, so things happen quite quickly here. You can assign new laws and research new tech to unlock new buildings. Laws will affect the two major stats in this game. Hope and discontent. You’ll have to make quite a few decisions that makes you feel terrible in this game, and you usually seem to end up with some kind of extremist community. On my first attempt I was banished for bad leadership. You grow your population through immigration. The first scenario is basically survival, but on the second one you have to try to keep seeds alive, starting with just a few scientists. Each scenario also has an extra hard survival mode that you can try if you don’t feel challanged enough. The resource management part of this game is nice, and doesn’t feel to easy. During the course of the game you also get a lot of time limited quests from your population, such as heat all homes or treat all sick people. You usually have several options when these quests pop up. If you don’t feel you can do everything they want, you can gain some hope by at least doing something.


If you like the less releaxed type of city building/management games, this is definitely worth picking up. I loved the setthing and how things really got worse over time. In some games it’s the oposite; things start difficult and becomes easy once you get everything sorted out. I highly recommend this game.

I submitted a game for Ludum Dare 39. Hopefully my submission worked. DIfficult to tell, cause the site was slow.

I’ll try to give a summary of the weekend later on, with things I learned and such.

My game isn’t much, and I found some bugs in it after submission, but here it is.


I had some other plans for this weekend, but discovered that LD39 was on. I was thinking about trying to write some quick small games anyway, so I might as well participate. The theme is “Running out of power”.

I’m going to make something pretty basic, and not so creative, because I want to get something done. Basically the idea is to have 10 cannons shooting laser automatically. You’ll have to redirect power between them to defend yourself. The power is degrading over time and you have to prioritize what lasers you want to use.

Spent an hour before going to bed thinking about ideas and doing project setup.

Hour two was spent making a skybox and changing some things around in unity. I am using Unity 5.6 for this btw.


For quite some time now, this blog has been dead. I really didn’t have the time to write, and it didn’t turn out the way I wanted it to when I started it.

I don’t want to through away the old posts however, and instead, I decided to use this for some other content that might help people out.

For a few years now, I’ve wanted to learn about game development, and maybe develop some simple games.

I have a tendency to try to lear everything at once, but I’ll at least try to post my experiences while learning this new stuff, as well as providing a collection of useful resources.

The first one i’ll mention right now is Gamefromscratch. It’s my go to place when looking for new tools, or before getting started with a new game Engine / Library.

Even though I’ve pretty much been sticking to unity for the past few months, I have been looking into other libraries, such as XNA/MonoGame, LibGdX. The site and the youtube channel also has a lot of useful information about other tools you may want to use.

I’ll still post a game first impression every now and again, but from now on, you can expect seeing some of my crappy art and 3D modelling skill as I try to learn more about game development.

While I’m at it, I’ll also try to make a new theme for this site.


I’ve played both Far Cry 1 and 2 and found them to be pretty good. I lost interest in FC1 after a while, but played FC2 quite a lot. It’s not like I was in a hurry to get this game when it came out, but I felt it was worthwhile to pick it up on a sale.

The plot is similar to the previous games. You end up alone in a sparsely populated area somewhere in the world, in this case in an fictional archipelago. This time around you won’t have to worry about the malarea like in FC2, so you can focus more on exploring and improving your equipment. The game has a basic crafting system that allows you to get better equipment by hunting wild animals and gathering plants.



The graphics are really, really good for the most part, with a lot of stunning views, good looking characters, vehicles and animals.



Great sound effects, not much in terms of music, even thoug hthere is music to add to the feel of the game.

User interface

One of the few problems I find with this game is the user interface. The whole things feels a bit “consoly”. THe inventory system is easy to use, but I feel that some things requires to many clicks.




You start out alone on an island, but the game has more to offer then most first person shooters. A lot of exploration, tons of side missions, a good story so far, and just lots of things to do in general. You gain experiance by killing pirates, hunting, taking over outposts and completing missions. COmpleting missions also unlocks certain weaons. The crafting system could be a bit more flexible. Right now, the way it works is that certain items requires certain hides and sometimes things just get stupid. The game has a lot of stealth elements along with the usual shooting stuff. You can also find a lot of vehicles throuighout the game, and I like the way they handle.




If you want a good first person shooter with some of the best character interaction I’ve seen in a game like this, you should pick this one up. I wish the main character wasn’t as good at shooting, and they should have made more out of the survival elements in this game. The unexperianced main character is surprisingly good at using firearms that he has probably never seen before. Despite the problems, it’s still a good game and worth playing.

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I decided to replace my old computer, even though worked ok for everything except Rome 2 (it actually worked ok for room 2 as well except for campaign map lag). The old rig had a few memory issues that meant I could only run it with 2x4mb. Seem to have been a motherboard issue cause replacing the memories didn’t solve it.


Well, here is the specs, and it seems to work really well so far.

  • NZXT Phantom 630 black
  • Intel i7 4770k
  • Corsair TX 750W 80+
  • Corsair Hydro H80i
  • 256GB Samsung Pro 840 series
  • 16GB CL9 1600Mhz memory
  • EVGA GeForce GTX 770 SC ACK 2
  • Noctua fans for the CPU cooler



I’m running WIndows 8 on this rig and so far it works really well.

I’ll try to provide some pictures later on if someone wants them.

I can also provide 3Dmark vantage benchmakrs upon request.


Well. After my last update, the team went out of both cups. It was kind of expected but the FA trophy loss was kind of disapointing with salsbury scoring 80 minutes into the 2nd match!. The league hasn’t been going that well either with some terrible losses against teams we should have no problem with. Now my entire team is back though and I also picked up a new right midfielder by the name of Max Noble who might take some weight off Fairweather-Johnson.

We still hold the 2nd place in the league after 25 matches, but not by much.