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This is also one of those first impressions that I should have been writing a long time ago, anyway, here it is.

I want to start by saying that I haven’t played a 2D platformer in like 20 years. I bought this more out of nostalgia then anything. The original Giana sisters came out back in the late 80s and had some controversy surounding it, since it was basically a Mario clone. It was however, still a good game, with an awasome soundtrack. The original game has been ported to several platforms, including IOS.

Now, almost 25 years later, the sequal has been released. As I said earlier, I didn’t expect much from this game, except from a great soundtrack and some nostalgia, however, this game is actually realy good.

You play as two different characters (sisters?, incarnations of the same sister? whatever) and you can and must switch between them to bypass obsticles throughout the game.


The graphics in this game is very impressive for an indi game, and without knowing much about PC platformers, I think this is the best graphics I’ve ever seen in a platformer.
It’s usually quite easy to distinguish between stuff in the foreground that will hurt you, and things that are just parts of the background.


The sound effects are nothing special, but the music is freaking awasome. One nice touch to the game is that the music changes as you “twist ” between worlds, while still staying synchronized.

User interface

I play this game with mouse and keyboard, and even though it’s probably easier to play with a controller, it’s still very very playable with just a keyboard. You’ll learn what keys to use when fairly quicly and then you play pretty muc hwithout thinking about that you don’t have a controller.


I’ve pretty much covered everything already. This is basically a 2D or 2.5D platformer. I haven’t ran into that many difficult puzzles, but there’s a lot of places where you have to figure  stuff out quickly if you don’t wanna die. If you play in standard mode, you have infinite number of lives but it will heart you rating if you die to much, or don’t collect enough coin in a level. That brings me to the starring system. You get stars for completing a level, and certain levels require a set amound of stars from previous levels. This can be annoying if you have to go back and replay stuff you didn’t like, but it brings some challange to the game. You can also play the game in Score attack, Time attack, Hard core and Uber hard core mode. The Uber hard core mode gives you only one life.



Since I’m not a fan of platformers, I wouldn’t pick this up at full price, and if you are you probably already own this game. If you can pick it up on a sale however, it’s definitely worth it if you have the slightest intrest in this genre.


Screenshots comming soon.


Finally, over a month late. I managed to come up with a list of the games that I liked the most last year.

For now, I’ll Stick to games that I actually played. I will however, make a different kind post in the near future WHere I try to list the biggest games of 2012.

Here’s my take on the best games and game expansions of last year.

Planetside 2


I played this a lot during the late beta stages post release. The game is an MMO FPS and there isn’t many of those around. The game has both vehicle and infantry combad as well as air combat, and it deserves to be on this list simply because there isn’t any other games like this, and it’s also really good. This is far from my favorite genre of games, but I still liked it a lot. Go try it out if you haven’t already!


XCOM: Enemy unknown


A sort of remake of one of the best games ever made.  While some would call this a dumbed down version of the original, it’s definitely one of the best games of 2012!


Mass effect 3


While this is a controversial choice I think this is still a good enough game to be worth a spot here. The story and gameplay is still good, even though not as good as the other games of the series.

I’ll add some more games to this list, but this is enough for now.



Well, the title says it all, doesn’t it. We ended up winning the season by 4 points. With 5 games left, I started loosing again, but eventually managed to win enough games to clain the title. Next season will be busy, with a tougher league and the Swedish cup group play in March. The club new sponsorship after the promotion, but it’s basically the same as the previous one (6MKR per year), so I can’t expect a huge budget increase. The preliminary budgets are slightly higher than this season, but this will pretty much be eaten up by increases in player  wages.

Right now I’m trying to hire new staff, since most of the current stuff, either doesn’t want new contracts, or I don’t want them, hence, I’m loosing all my scouts, assistant manager and coaches. On the up sie, I also got rid of 12 players I don’t want anymore. The squad was growing a bit to big as of late with a bunch of players that didn’t get a chance to ever play. Below are some screenshots to conclude the season.



The pre-season went really well, except I lost another coach, I now have only one coach remaining from the original staff.

The team has also had a few injuries, including Bala Musa Bajaha: My goolkeeper. I managed to sign a new young goolkeeper but he caught a flew one week before season start, so I’m not sure he’ll be ready to play.

Same goes for Leonidsson, another key player.

I now have a pretty strong squad overall, and think I can do well this season. My reqquirements are to finish in the upper half of the table, and I hope that won’t be a problem.


My squal and tactics looks like this:


So, I’ve now completed the first season with Karslund and despite some bad luck with injuries the team performed over expectations and finished the season in 3rd place. No promotion, but it looks really well for next season. I also managed to keep all the players I wanted, and tie some of the players I had on loan to the club. The club made a profit this season, so I’m allowed to spend more on wages and transfers next season. I started by buying the two key players I had on loan (Philip Olofsson and Miralem Malic).  I’m astill trying to get the third key player I have on loan tied to the club full time (Simon Leonidsson).

I did beat the local team Rynninge in the last match, it allmost made me feel bad cause now they are on playoffs and might be relegated. Rynninge was the team I played in FM2012.

I got rid of Calle Olsson, and gave a few players free transfers cause I don’t want them anymore.

I’ve renewed the contracts of the players I was worried about loosing, so now everything is fine I hope they’ll perform just as well next season. Kuhi (my top striker) saved a few matches and was the top scorer in the league.

Here are some end of season screenshots.

Karslund 2012 season results





As you can see in the image above we also had the least goals conceded, so, we’ve been doing really well on the defense as well as on the offense 🙂

Here you can see my current first team squad,, you can see why I really wanted to keep the players I had on loan. Note that this screenshot is taken before I made negotiations to get these players full time.


The board and fans seem to be fairly happy with me as well.

Looks like I played a pretty balanced style, nothing fancy.


The board offered me a contract for another year, so I’ll stay in the club for now. I’m currently looking for a new assistant manager, because my curren one doesn’t want to renew. Hopefully I’ll find a decent one, as well as some additional coaches for the next season.