First impressions: War for the overworld

I received this game as part of the humble monthly bundle last month, and after reading a bit about it I just had to test it for nostalgic reasons. If someone remember the Dungeon Keeper series from the 90’s and want something similar, this game is a must have. I loved dungeon keeper, and so far this is the closest I’ve found to the original experience without feeling like a clone, or a remake. I’ve only spent a few hours learning the game and playing the campaign. This game is, for me, what Dungeon Keeper 3 should have been. I read that this game was in a poor state on release, and I’m not sure how much of that is fixed at this point in time. It looks however, like the game has been updated post release.


The graphics are nice and clear, but a bit difficult to describe. I haven’t tried the possession (first person mode) yet so can’t say much about that.



Audio is great, and I’m not sure, but I think they hired the original Dungeon Keeper narrator which is a very nice touch 🙂



User interface

So far, the UI works fine for me. it’s not to complex, but you can find everything in it.



This is like playing Dungeon keeper all over again, so if you liked that, this is for you. It’s a dungeon management game, and there isn’t many of those around


As I’ve said, if you liked Dungeon keeper, or if you want something different from the usual city builder, city management game, this is for you.


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