FM2013 Welling story: Welling promoted!

I spoiled it in the subject. After beating H & Y with 1-1+1-0 and Dover with 1-0 Welling has been promoted to the Blue square bet premier league. The first match was the toughest since the team didn’t beform well against that perticular team earlier in the season. I was quite happy facing Dover in the finals cause we were 2 out of 2 against them.

Anyway, it’s always nice to gain promotion the first season, I asume that my goal for next season will be to avoid religation. Here’s some End of season screenshots.


New contract 2013


Playoffs 2013 semi final win

Playoffs2012-2013 win2012 season recap 1


2013-2013 season confidence


2012-2013 final league overview


2012-2013 Final league standings

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