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I finally picked this game up after Christmas and have been playing it quite a bit since. This is the type of game who will take some time to get a really solid impression of, so I wanted to spend a few hours before I tried to come up with a conclusion. I’m a big fan of the original XCOM series, even though I didn’t play the original that much and spent the most time with Terror from the deep and Apocalypse. The problem with a remake of a great game is that you want the same game, but at the same time, you want something new. I think this game, overall makes agood job of recreating the original feel of the gmae, even if parts of it feels a bit dumbed down. Overall, There’s also some limitations in the gameplay that annoys me a bit; for instance, you can’t deal with multiple alien attacks at once, even if you had the resources to do so. You have to pick one abduction site and the areas you don’t pick with suffer from increased panic levels and eventually withdraw their support for XCOM. I should also mention the “dumbing down” in the tactical department. In the original, your squad member had action points. IN this one, every squad member has 2 actions per turn, and you have to plan your movement accordingly. If I remember correctly, you also had an inventory in the original game, something that doesn’t exist now. Well, it does exists but there’s now way to change anything during a mission.


The graphics are good enough for a strategy gmae. SOme of the graphics are quite impressive and the tactical map is good enough.


The sound effects in the are good and I in my openion the music is excelent. The voice-overs are generally good, even though the one liners from your squad tend to get a bit repetitive after a while.

User interface

You’ll likely learn everything about the UI in a few minutes. It’s quite simple and you’ll learn how to access everything quickly. At your base, you’ll reach everything in a few clicks and the menus are intuitive. Same goes for the missions. You’ll do everything with one or two clicks or a hotkey.


THe gameplay consists or two parts: The base management part and the missions. The base management part has a decent dept to it, even though there could be more. You basically decide wiath to build, what soldiers to hire, where to place satelites and what to research. I felt the original series had a bit more depth here, This is also true for the missions. Now you pick your squad, pick their equipment and head out to the abduction site or UFO crash site. WHile in the mission, you are stuck with your choices. THis can cause a bit of trouble when the wring person dies. Let’s say you have one person with a medikit (can revive or stabilize unconsious squad members). If this person dies and one of your other squad members is injured, there’s nothing you can do. If he or she is dying, there’s no way to save him. Same goes for special weapons. There’s also the things I already mentioned about the simplified 2 action turn system. I could go on and on about things I don’t like here, but there’s no point. There is a few things i do like. I play in Iron man mode. THis means you can’t reload if something bad happens to you. THis really forces you to make be careful and plan your decision well. This brings back a lot of the feel and tension from the original game, Some turn based combat is also nice for a change, and overall it’s done pretty well. The game also has an RPG element. Your soldiers will gain experiance and promotions over time and you’ll have to pick the right skills for each of them. I should mention the different classes I guess. There are 4 classes in the game, each with a different set of skills. They usually obtain their first skill after their first kill, when they get their first promotion to squadie. The classes are assault (speaks for itself), support (SMoke granades, supression and stuff like that), heavy (well, heavy weapons :)) and sniper. It’s usually a good thing to have all of these in your squad for every mission.


In spite of it’s flaws. This is a really good remake of one of the best game series ever. As mentioned I played Terror from the deep more, and wouldn’t mind if they made a simular thing with that game. Not sure it’s wort the full price, but if you’re reading this, it’s probably because you see this game on sale somewhere, and you should definitely pick it up.


A few days ago, I decided to participate in crowdfunding of a game. It’s a game I’ve been hoping for for something like 20 years now, and finally the game was announced as a crowdfunded project on kickstarter. Since this project is not yet funded, and there isn’t much time left, I decided to make a short post about it.

The game is a sequal to The elite series of games called Elite Dangerous and the kickstarter can be found here.

I used to play Elite II frontier a lot, and the game was very revolutionary for it’s time. I didn’t know back then, how someone could fit a game containing an entire galaxy on a single floppy disk, and even though I know how it was done now, it’s still pretty impressive. As I understand it, they will use simular methods now and with todays technology, this might be one of the games of the decade.

I’ve always been a fan of open ended sand box type games where you can do pretty much whatever you want; Trading, smuggling, piracy, bounty hunting etc. This was pretty much what the old elite games was like. You started out with a small ship and a little bit of money and had to make your own decisions from there. The only series that comes even close to this today is the X series, but elite felt more of a real space simulation, with real-world like physics (They at least felt real at the time) and a lot of other sciantific stuff. THe combat and overall mechanics felt very different from anything else I’ve ever played.

I’m also looking forward to the other crowd funded space sim coming out this year; Star citizen,, but I’m probably looking forward to Elite dangerous even more. Star citizen is probably more appealing to many people, after all it’s a sequal to the best combat space sims ever made; the Wing commander games. Those games are awasome, and they actually had good story-telling too.,

Well, with 52 hours to go, it looks like this game will get funded, but it will be close, unless a lot of people decide to pledge during the last two days. It probably win’t reach the stretch goals, but I’m still very excited about this game.