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I’ve now played through the friendlies with mixed results.

Early on, in my 2nd or 3rd firendly, one of my key players, and captain (Samuel Mokede) was injured with a broken toe and gone for a few months. The friendlies overall went well, including a 6-4 win (not sure if this is due to the game being beta, but I had no other crazy matches like that). I’ve been using a quite offensive 4-4-2 tactic, that I’ll make available for download when I’ve tweaked it a bit. I managed to pickup a few defenders, central midfielders and a few players for the youth team, all on free transfers or loans.

Here are the players I picked up:


Jamie steel


Here’s the team report from my current team,

This is it, next time I’ll cover the first few matches.


I recently picked up FM2013 and while it’s still in beta, it’s close to release now.

I decided to start, like I’ve done with every FM game (I’ve only been playing since FM2011), and pick a team in the lowest division from my home town (Örebro, Sweden). This season I have two teams to chose from in Swedish DIvision 2 SS; Karslund and Rynninge. I ended up picking Karlslund since this is basically where I grew up, and I did quite well with this team in FM 2011.

I’m using a huge database for this, so I can pretty much move to whatever country I want in case I get a good offer. It also gives me a lot of players to scout.

The introduction of the game has changed slightly from previous games.

Now you get a conversation screen with your assistant manager at the beginning, where he asks you what you want the staff to take care of.

Intro conversation

As you can see, I have the game set to Swedish. I used to play the previous games in Swedish and I’ll use it until I have figured out where they’ve moved everything.

I’m missing screenshots from the team report, but I’ll say that this team is lacking in a few places. It seems like I have one good defender (Erik Tengroth), One good central midfielder (Samuel Mokede) and a few decent offensive midfielders and strikers. The goolkeeper is also good.


If one of the key players is injured, I’ll be in big trouble.

I’m also on a very low budget: 10.000 SEK for transfers and 20.000 SEK for wages.

I’ll start by looking for some new defenders as well as one or two midfielders. I’ll try to get a few players on loan if I can.

Next post will cover the pre-season.







I don’t play FPS games a lot except the occasional Red Orchestra session, however, large scale battles in games have always been facinating to me. I never played Planetside 1 or any other MMO FPS but I remember reading about them (played a lot of MMORPGs at the time).

So, what can I say about PS2 after a few days of play? Well, it’s difficult to say the least, and I’m terrible at it. Even though I die a ton, I enjoy the game and find the large scale battles very imersive. The game still has a few problems, but I asume most of this  will be fixed before launch on November 20th.

No other game has these kind of large  scale combined arms battles. I’ve never experianced anything like this in an FPS, or any other game for that matter. The only real problem I have with the game is that it’s quite difficult to get in to if you haven’t played Planetside 1. Most games these days go to far with tutorials, but this game could certainly use it.

The game has three different factions with different weapons and vehicles, even though they share some equipment. There is a never ending battle going on between these factions and the goal is to control as much of the game map as possible. The map consists of “hexes” with control points and resources. THe faction in control of each “hex” with get the resources. You capture a control point by hacking terminals. Resources are used for buying weapons and vehicles.



The graphics are really good for an MMO.  The effects from some of the weapons are stunning, especially at night.


The game has some great music and the sound effects are just awasome.

User interface

The user interface is fairly simple, and for the most part, easy to read and use. I haven’t really tried to customize anyting yet, so I’m not really sure how customizable it is.

Game play

As I’ve allready mentioned, this game plays like most FPS games, except on a huge scale. You have 6 classes to pick from, and you can change class at most facilities in game. The classes are Infiltrator (stealth, sniping), light assault, heavy assault (with ati-vehicle weapon), combat medic, engineer (reapir, place turrets, mines tec.) and MAX (Heavy trooper with dual weapons, that can take quite a few hits, however it has some limitations). Throughout the game you’ll get “Cert” points that can be used to unlock new weapons and customizations.


RIght now, this game looks really promising. If they can keep this game Free to play without making it pay to win, I think this can be a huge success.


I picked up this game on a sale two days ago and have had some time to try it out. Keep in mind this is a six year old game, and things may not look as good as they do nowadays.

Company of heroes is a Real Time Strategy game set during world war two. Before I picked this game up, I thought it was pretty much like Men of war, but after playing the tutorials and a few missions, it feels more like a  standard RTS with base building elements and resource management. Don’t get me wrong, the campaing missions I’ve played so far plays pretty much like Men of war, but the game feels more like a standard RTS then a WWII battle simulator or whatever you want to call it.

I’m always a bit sceptical to games trying to be somewhat authentic, while at the same time time incorporating base building and resource “gathering”., however this still seem to be a fun game and I’ll keep playing it.

The campaign is set on the western front in 1944 (like most other WWII games). It seem to focus on the operations in Normandy. It would be nice if it had some different campaign, I mean, WWII is more then just just the invasion of France, but the existing campaign seem to be well done.

Game play

I haven’t played enough to say much about game play yet, but it’s the usual RTS stuff. You start with some units, establish a base and build more troops. You can also upgrade tropps and gain special abilities and spend command points to get artiliry strikes and stuff, so the game seem to have pretty good strategic depth.


For a game from 2006, the graphics are really nice. They also mix in cut scenses during the campaign to enhance the experiance. THose cuts seem to be  well done thus far.


Sound effects are good, and the game has a really nice soundtrack.


If you like RTS game, this game is definitely worth a try, especially considering the price 6 years after the release.