Game development resources

On this page, I’ll list links to useful tutorials, software, premium courses and forums for game development. This is all things that I’ve found useful. Expect most of this to be Unity related since that’s what I’m currently using.


The Total beginner’s guide to Game AI

An interesting article to get started with AI


Best free unity assets: A list of free assets. SOme of them are quite old. Procedural worlds also publishes a few good paid assets.

The Messy coder:  I found this guy on YouTube last year looking for opinions on assets. I’ve been following him closely since. He makes tutorials, Unity asset reviews and developer interviews. He also streams on Twich every weekend, and has a nice discord channel with a very helpful community. You won’t find better asset reviews anywhere! His tutorials are also very good, even though most of the older ones are done with Ultimate survival. A deprecated asset that I’ve never used myself. He is also working on a Wild west game.

Holistic3D: Has a great Youtube channel as well as Udemy courses and other resources. Generally very high quality. She’s also a great teacher. Should be worth a visit for both beginners and more advanced users.

Quill18Creates: Quill18 is a well known streamer of strategy games, at  least that’s how I found him. He also makes great Unity tuorials. Very good at explaining things. Most of his stuff is not absolute beginner level, but you should be able to follow them with some basic programming knowledge.

Sebastial Lague: Another great Youtuber making Unity tutorials. He has some great in-depth tutorials as well as one of the best free Unity tutorials for complete beginners. If I was starting out in Unity today, and didn’t know a lot about C#, this is where I would start.

SpeedTutor: A youtuber with some good tutorials and  regular tips on good free Unity assets.

Secret Anorak: This channel makes tutorial related to an asset called UMA. If you haven’t looked at UMA it might be worth checking out.

This list is missing some of the beggest tutorial makers for Unity. I’ll probably add them later, but wanted to get the most useful ones out first. I’ll also add more channels that I feel has great content but doesn’t get enough attention