Monthly Archives: February 2013

Finally, over a month late. I managed to come up with a list of the games that I liked the most last year.

For now, I’ll Stick to games that I actually played. I will however, make a different kind post in the near future WHere I try to list the biggest games of 2012.

Here’s my take on the best games and game expansions of last year.

Planetside 2


I played this a lot during the late beta stages post release. The game is an MMO FPS and there isn’t many of those around. The game has both vehicle and infantry combad as well as air combat, and it deserves to be on this list simply because there isn’t any other games like this, and it’s also really good. This is far from my favorite genre of games, but I still liked it a lot. Go try it out if you haven’t already!


XCOM: Enemy unknown


A sort of remake of one of the best games ever made.  While some would call this a dumbed down version of the original, it’s definitely one of the best games of 2012!


Mass effect 3


While this is a controversial choice I think this is still a good enough game to be worth a spot here. The story and gameplay is still good, even though not as good as the other games of the series.

I’ll add some more games to this list, but this is enough for now.