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I finally got around to writing this first impressions article after having played the game for 20 hours plus. This Genre is really difficult to write a first impressions article on since the story is such an important part of the game and the gameplay may change throughout the game.
Well, anyway, here’s my impressions of this game so far. I didn’t play the original deus ex when it game out, but from what I can tell this game has a little less freedom, and the rpg elements are a bit less complex when it comes to character development in terms of statistics. Some would probably call it dumbed down. Well let’s get on to the game itself.

Deus Ex: Human Revolution takes place in a not to distant future where human augmentation through inplants is possible, but not available to everyone. There is an ongoing struggle between the people who are pro augmentations and those who think modifying humans in this way are morally wrong. This theme is an important part of the game, and brings up the classic question of how far sciance could and should go.

The main character: Adam Jensen, is (even though, it’s not by his own will) an augmented human being. He gets his augmentations so early on that I don’t consider it a spoiler. He gets involved in a big conspiracy involving very powerful augmentations.

The game consists of several “City hubs” with a main plot and a lot of side missions. The hubs are fairly large and (at least for me) fairly easy to get lost in. It’s not a true open world game but while withink a hub, you can move around freely before moving on to the next one. The missions are fairly good and usually have several solutions and sometimes leads to other side quests.




Overall, the graphics are really good. Their are more important things in a game like this, but it doesn’t hurt that most of the game looks really good. There are some exceptions however. Some of the scripted cutscenes and “Take downs” (more on this later) looks weird. As I’ve already stated though, this doesn’t take away much from the overall experience.


The sound effects and music of this game is great. Most of the areas in the game has music in the background that adds to the overall atmosphere and feel of an area without being repetitive. Many places also have people talking to each other. You can overhear some interesting conversations, some of which can give you hints to quests or just add to the overall feel. This gets me into voice acting. The voice acting in this game range from quite bad to really good. For some reason, I really like the voice of the main character. As in most open world games, some of the general chatter can be repetitive, but I really haven’t found as much of this here as in other games.


User interface

There isn’t much to say here. The UI does what it’s soposed to and it does it well. Inventory management is quite easy and it’s always easy to find what you’re looking for.


The game is played from a first person perspective for the most part, with the exception of some, for the most part unnecessary cutscenes. This brings up the concept of the Take down system mentioned above. You can incapacitate people by using a non lethal take down (basically walking up to someone and pressing a key). This will take care of enemies without having to kill them, and can be a good solution to many situations. I think you can actually play through the entire game without actually killing someone with a few exceptions. This brings me to the most annoying part of the game: Boss fights. From what I’ve heard, the boss fights in this game were outsource to a different company and the original developer wasn’t to happy with them, however they are there and I have to talk about them. The first one almost made me stop playing the game, cause I got there with weapons that made it really difficult and these fights only take away from the overall experience of the game. They are few and far between however, so, for the most part, those shouldn’t bother anyone to much. This game, however isn’t only about killing stuff. The main story and the multi layer quests is better then you’ll find in most games. This game calls itself an RPG, and RPG  for most people today means statistics, leveling and character development (even though this can be debated and I don’t agree with it). You gain experience by doing all sorts of things; Talking to people, completing quests, hacking computers and taking out enemies). For the most part, you gain more experience by using non lethal solutions to problem, something that can push your gameplay in a way that I don’t like. While playing, I usually don’t care and I just take the solution I feel is the most righteous thing to do or whatever suits me best. In terms of leveling, you gain praxis points that can be used to buy augmentations. Augmentations are basically the skill system of this game. When it comes to weapons, I don’t feel that any weapon is more powerful then another in most cases. Everything has it’s advantages and disadvantages, with the exceptions of the silly boss fights. Same goes for the augmentations, even though I’ve found a few that would be really difficult for me to do without. There’s quite a few weapons to choose from, but I usually use what’s at hand, and what I can find ammo for, since your inventory space is quite limited, even with inventory enhancing augs. I’ll usually find myself switching weapons several times during a long mission depending on what my enemies are using. This will depend on your accuracy and the difficulty level you play on off course. Even though I have been talking a lot about combat and such here, I want to emphasize that the most important part of this game is the storytelling and character interaction.



In 2011 we saw quite a few great games, and this is no exception. If you like a game with some action, that also has a good story, this game is a must. I really don’t have much to complain about in this game, despite what I’ve said above. I highly recommend this game, and if you want quests to be more challanging, I recommend turning off the quest tracker waypoints in the options.


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I finally picked this game up after Christmas and have been playing it quite a bit since. This is the type of game who will take some time to get a really solid impression of, so I wanted to spend a few hours before I tried to come up with a conclusion. I’m a big fan of the original XCOM series, even though I didn’t play the original that much and spent the most time with Terror from the deep and Apocalypse. The problem with a remake of a great game is that you want the same game, but at the same time, you want something new. I think this game, overall makes agood job of recreating the original feel of the gmae, even if parts of it feels a bit dumbed down. Overall, There’s also some limitations in the gameplay that annoys me a bit; for instance, you can’t deal with multiple alien attacks at once, even if you had the resources to do so. You have to pick one abduction site and the areas you don’t pick with suffer from increased panic levels and eventually withdraw their support for XCOM. I should also mention the “dumbing down” in the tactical department. In the original, your squad member had action points. IN this one, every squad member has 2 actions per turn, and you have to plan your movement accordingly. If I remember correctly, you also had an inventory in the original game, something that doesn’t exist now. Well, it does exists but there’s now way to change anything during a mission.


The graphics are good enough for a strategy gmae. SOme of the graphics are quite impressive and the tactical map is good enough.


The sound effects in the are good and I in my openion the music is excelent. The voice-overs are generally good, even though the one liners from your squad tend to get a bit repetitive after a while.

User interface

You’ll likely learn everything about the UI in a few minutes. It’s quite simple and you’ll learn how to access everything quickly. At your base, you’ll reach everything in a few clicks and the menus are intuitive. Same goes for the missions. You’ll do everything with one or two clicks or a hotkey.


THe gameplay consists or two parts: The base management part and the missions. The base management part has a decent dept to it, even though there could be more. You basically decide wiath to build, what soldiers to hire, where to place satelites and what to research. I felt the original series had a bit more depth here, This is also true for the missions. Now you pick your squad, pick their equipment and head out to the abduction site or UFO crash site. WHile in the mission, you are stuck with your choices. THis can cause a bit of trouble when the wring person dies. Let’s say you have one person with a medikit (can revive or stabilize unconsious squad members). If this person dies and one of your other squad members is injured, there’s nothing you can do. If he or she is dying, there’s no way to save him. Same goes for special weapons. There’s also the things I already mentioned about the simplified 2 action turn system. I could go on and on about things I don’t like here, but there’s no point. There is a few things i do like. I play in Iron man mode. THis means you can’t reload if something bad happens to you. THis really forces you to make be careful and plan your decision well. This brings back a lot of the feel and tension from the original game, Some turn based combat is also nice for a change, and overall it’s done pretty well. The game also has an RPG element. Your soldiers will gain experiance and promotions over time and you’ll have to pick the right skills for each of them. I should mention the different classes I guess. There are 4 classes in the game, each with a different set of skills. They usually obtain their first skill after their first kill, when they get their first promotion to squadie. The classes are assault (speaks for itself), support (SMoke granades, supression and stuff like that), heavy (well, heavy weapons :)) and sniper. It’s usually a good thing to have all of these in your squad for every mission.


In spite of it’s flaws. This is a really good remake of one of the best game series ever. As mentioned I played Terror from the deep more, and wouldn’t mind if they made a simular thing with that game. Not sure it’s wort the full price, but if you’re reading this, it’s probably because you see this game on sale somewhere, and you should definitely pick it up.


I should have written this a long time ago, but things have gotten in between, and I wasn’t really sure what to think about this game honestly.

The main character in The witcher 2 is Geralt of Rivia, I monster-hunter or Witcher. If you’ve played The Witcher, the first game in the series, you’ll recognize him, as well as some other characters in this game. The game starts in a prison, or more like a dungeon where you are interigated by a captain of the king’s guard (or something like that). During the interigation you “relive” the events you’re questioned about. This, I asume is kind of a tutorial to the game, even though it’s really difficult for a tutorial (this is a standard separate tutorial as well, just to learn how to use powers and fight).

The game does not feature class choices or character customization from the start. You are stuck with Geralt and his abilities. You can however, customize your character in different areas when you level up, so I asume there’s different ways to play the game.

I’ve only played through the interigation part, so I can’t say anything about the size of this game yet, but after what I’ve heard it’s big, with a lot of side quests. One thing I will say though, is that the game is kind of difficult right from the start, I also quickly discovered one of the annoyances of this game. The game seem to be using quite a few quicktime events. Quicktime events are ok in some places,, I can live with them in Mass Effect, but here they were a bit annoying, not sure why. Maybe it’s because this could have been done just as well in the game engine. This is just my personal openion and nothing that should ruin the game.

The combat, however is awasome, it feels really good and fluid. I don’t know any other way to describe it.THis is an area where the game really shines.

The game has crafting as well, it seems quite simular to the original game, but I haven’t done enough of it yet to say anything about it.

When looking at an RPG you have to look at the story and the charactrers in the game. I’ve only just started this game, but I like the story so far. I don’t think it has the same character depth as some other games though. I guess the game I have to compare this with got to be the dragon age series, and in my openion those games, especially Dragon age: Origin has more character depth,


From what I’ve seen so far, the graphics in this game are awasome. A lot of attention has been paid to detail. I’m not far into the game yet, but I expect to see some great envirements throughout the game. Despite the nice looking graphics, the game runs really well on my system.



The music in this game is great, even though, again I prefer the music in DA. Same goes for the voice acting. I’ve read a lot of people think the voice acting in this game is great, but I think it varies. I haven’t experianced anything terrible yet, but I’m not as impressed as I was when first playing Dragon age: Origin. The sound effects and ambient sounds are good.

User interface

While it takes a little time to get used to, the game does a good job of telling you how to User interfaceuse abilities and other hotkeys available. Overall, the UI is good.


As mentioned abovbe you play as Geralt of Rivia. He seem to be a quite self-sufficient character who prefers to travel and fight alone. So far I haven’t seen any signs of party-based gameplay and I don’t expect to see it later. There’s a lot of NPCs to interact with, but I don’t think you’ll be able to form a party.


Overall, this game seem to be one of the better RPS over the past few years. I still prefer the Bioware RPGs over this game, but it’s still an awasome game so far.


I don’t play FPS games a lot except the occasional Red Orchestra session, however, large scale battles in games have always been facinating to me. I never played Planetside 1 or any other MMO FPS but I remember reading about them (played a lot of MMORPGs at the time).

So, what can I say about PS2 after a few days of play? Well, it’s difficult to say the least, and I’m terrible at it. Even though I die a ton, I enjoy the game and find the large scale battles very imersive. The game still has a few problems, but I asume most of this  will be fixed before launch on November 20th.

No other game has these kind of large  scale combined arms battles. I’ve never experianced anything like this in an FPS, or any other game for that matter. The only real problem I have with the game is that it’s quite difficult to get in to if you haven’t played Planetside 1. Most games these days go to far with tutorials, but this game could certainly use it.

The game has three different factions with different weapons and vehicles, even though they share some equipment. There is a never ending battle going on between these factions and the goal is to control as much of the game map as possible. The map consists of “hexes” with control points and resources. THe faction in control of each “hex” with get the resources. You capture a control point by hacking terminals. Resources are used for buying weapons and vehicles.



The graphics are really good for an MMO.  The effects from some of the weapons are stunning, especially at night.


The game has some great music and the sound effects are just awasome.

User interface

The user interface is fairly simple, and for the most part, easy to read and use. I haven’t really tried to customize anyting yet, so I’m not really sure how customizable it is.

Game play

As I’ve allready mentioned, this game plays like most FPS games, except on a huge scale. You have 6 classes to pick from, and you can change class at most facilities in game. The classes are Infiltrator (stealth, sniping), light assault, heavy assault (with ati-vehicle weapon), combat medic, engineer (reapir, place turrets, mines tec.) and MAX (Heavy trooper with dual weapons, that can take quite a few hits, however it has some limitations). Throughout the game you’ll get “Cert” points that can be used to unlock new weapons and customizations.


RIght now, this game looks really promising. If they can keep this game Free to play without making it pay to win, I think this can be a huge success.


I picked up this game on a sale two days ago and have had some time to try it out. Keep in mind this is a six year old game, and things may not look as good as they do nowadays.

Company of heroes is a Real Time Strategy game set during world war two. Before I picked this game up, I thought it was pretty much like Men of war, but after playing the tutorials and a few missions, it feels more like a  standard RTS with base building elements and resource management. Don’t get me wrong, the campaing missions I’ve played so far plays pretty much like Men of war, but the game feels more like a standard RTS then a WWII battle simulator or whatever you want to call it.

I’m always a bit sceptical to games trying to be somewhat authentic, while at the same time time incorporating base building and resource “gathering”., however this still seem to be a fun game and I’ll keep playing it.

The campaign is set on the western front in 1944 (like most other WWII games). It seem to focus on the operations in Normandy. It would be nice if it had some different campaign, I mean, WWII is more then just just the invasion of France, but the existing campaign seem to be well done.

Game play

I haven’t played enough to say much about game play yet, but it’s the usual RTS stuff. You start with some units, establish a base and build more troops. You can also upgrade tropps and gain special abilities and spend command points to get artiliry strikes and stuff, so the game seem to have pretty good strategic depth.


For a game from 2006, the graphics are really nice. They also mix in cut scenses during the campaign to enhance the experiance. THose cuts seem to be  well done thus far.


Sound effects are good, and the game has a really nice soundtrack.


If you like RTS game, this game is definitely worth a try, especially considering the price 6 years after the release.



In the 90s I was a huge fan of the X-com series. The game I played the most was actually the second and third instances; X-COM: Terror from the deep And X-COM: Apocalypse. These two games, along with the first one of course, are possibly some of the best games ever made.

I recently purchased the entire package, but haven’t got around to try the sequels, but from what I’ve heard they were not as good as the first two or three games.

Even though the company behind the original series is long gone, there’s finally a long anticipated X-COM game coming out.

The new game X-COM: Enemy unknown, is basically a remake of the original X-COM game. UFO defense.

Remakes like this usually doesn’t excite me that much, cause they usually end up being to different, or to similar to the original. Don’t get me wrong. I want a remake to keep the original concept,  and improve upon it. Developers are walking a fine line with games like this. Sometimes they just end up being the same game with improved graphics, or they get streamlined to the point where hardcore fans won’t like them. The whole streamlining and dumbing things down to make games appeal to a broader audience has been the problem with many games for me over the past few years.

So what about X-COM: Enemy Unknown?

Well, my first impressions are positive, Even though I have mixed feelings about some of the things in the demo. I know this is only a demo, and things might be very different in the full version. The demo version contains two missions (even though one is a very basic tutorial, along with a quick look at base management. It’s really difficult to say anything about the gameplay outside of missions from this demo, because there just isn’t enough to tell. Hopefully, squad management, research and other aspects of the “macro” game will be as good as the original.

At a glance, the combat is very similar to the original game, but some things have changed. First of all, it seems like they made squad members more specialized. This may or may not be a good thing. They have also simplified, or.. dumbed down the movement system. It’s been a while since i played the first game, but from what I remember, there was a point system to determine how much, and what a squad member could do during a turn. Now, everyone can move twice (or once if you dash). Soldiers now, also rely on abilities to use weapons instead of what you put in their inventory. I read somewhere that there is an inventory system in the game as well, but I didn’t see it in the demo. The demo has a lot of cutscense during combat. They are good, but I’m not sure if they’ll get repetitive or take away from the experience in the long run. During the demo missions, every time one of my squad members got shot at there was a cutscene where I could see the enemy, one of the great things in the original was that something could come out of nowhere and blow half your squad up without you even having a chance to spot the enemy. I remember this especially well from terror from the deep, where I had some really sad moments when most of my veterans got killed in a single explosion (My best guy with a missile launcher got infested and turn on the rest of my team lol). Hopefully this game will have moments like this as well, I’m just afraid that they’ve taken away to much of the tension in combat. In the original, you were really scared to enter an unexplored area, moving slowly to avoid nasty surprises.

Despite the flaws I find in these tutorial style missions, the game looks really promising and I’ll probably buy it upon launch. Firaxis has done some great things in the past, even though I’m not a huge fan of what they did to the Civ series with Civilization V.

I just have a feeling that they’re trying to add stuff to the game to make it appeal to people who didn’t play the original. They already have the attention of everyone who liked the original X-COM. They might succeed, cause there isn’t many games like this coming out today. I can’t think of any game very similar to this since, well, since X-COM: Apocalypse, that could also be played in real time. There has been a few games with turn based, squad based combat, but when you add the base management to that, I really can’t come up with anything since 1997.

I’ll add a few screenshots jsut to show what the game looks like, but if you want to try it out, the demo is currently available on Steam.

Here’s some screenshots form the original X-com for comparison.




As I said I was hoping to try some games I’ve bought throughout various sales on steam and other places. This game is one of the games I haven’t really had time to play.

Wargame: European Escalation is set in the 1970s, based ina “what if” scenario where war breaks out in Europe. I’ve only played a few missions so far but I feels I know enough about the game to at least give a first impression.

I’ve been looking at this game for quite some time, since I’m a fan of “authentic” RTS games. I play “Men of war” from time to time, and love the total war series.

Game play

I’ve only played single player so far so I can’t talk about multi player at all, but I can imagine it can be quite a mess if you’re not used to it. The game is kind of slow paced, but it focuses a lot of on strategy with an emphasis on recon. Scouting an enemy is important in any RTS but in this game you’ll have to do it right from the start. Many of your units are pretty much helpless without a recon unit spotting for them. I realized this quickly on the second mission when my entire farce was wiped out by artillery. You’ll get hints as new concepts are introduced but I still think the game has a pretty steep learning curved compared to some other RTS games. At the start, you’ll just have a few unit types available to you but as you progress, more units are made available. The missions so far are pretty much capture and hold different sectors of the map, while keeping your units supplied and repaired. Some sectors are also reinforcement zones, giving you the ability to bring reinforcements to the map. Reinforcements costs money that you make by holding sectors.. Well, you get the idea. For each mission you get “command stars” that you can use to unlock new units and equipment. Depending on how well you do on a mission (how many objectives you complete) you’ll get extra command stars. Losses also carry over from one mission to another, experience and losses also carry over from one mission to the next, so you want to keep your experienced units alive.

Even though the game, overall moves on at a fairly relaxed pace, it can be pretty intense at times, and you can quickly loose a lot of units if you don’t pay attention.


Except for some glitches I think the graphics are really nice for a game like this. Iyou can zone in to get a close up of one of your units, or view the entire map from a satelite perspective.


The audio is the most disappointing part in this game. I think some of the weapons sounds are  terrible while most are decent. The music is ok, but nothing amasing.


The interface seem to be pretty good, you get things explained early on, as you need them. There’s a lot of information available . There are some things I’m missing, for example, I haven’t found a hotkey to jump to the last warning when a unit is under attack.


If you like games like Men of war, you may like this, even though the games are quite different. I haven’t played R.U.S.E but this is from the same developer and the games seem pretty similar. Overall it’s a good modern combat RTS.


A week ago I got invited to the SMITE beta. For anyone who doesn’t know what SMITE is, it’s a traditional MOBA style game, except the in-game view is third person instead of the usual isometric view.

I’ll start by saying that I’m not a huge MOBA fan, and the only moba game I’ve played is League of Legends. The genre gets repetitive after a while and the community surrounding these games makes casual gameplay a very unpleassent experiance. That said, if you enjoy the competitive nature of these games and don’t mind getting yelled at by teammates when things go badly,  this type of game might be for you.

The above applies to MOBA games in general, and I expect the same from SMITE, however during my first 10 or so games, I haven’t seen much of this.

Despite all the negative stuff about the MOBA scene, I enjoy this game a lot more then League of Legends. The gameplay feels different enough to appeal to me. Another great thing is the whole theme surrounding the game; in SMITE you play Deities from different mythologies instead of champions that doesn’t seem to fit into any kind of big theme. I know there’s some lore written for the champions in LOL but after having read just a few of the champion backgrounds, the lore is crappy at best.

Enough rambling, let’s talk a bit more about the game itself.


If you’ve played other MOBA games you’ll probably be familiar with the interface. It seems like the developers have simplified things a bit compared to LOL. For example, the game will auto buy skills and items for you as a new player.This really helps when you’re trying to get into the game.There’s also a quick comunication system that schould simplify teamplay a lot. Overall the interface feels really smooth and  easy to use.


I’m not sure what the final system requirements for this will be, but it looks very good for the most part and runs really smooth on my 2 year old system.


Nothing to complain about.


The game is a MOBA, so in that sense it plays like any other MOBA game. There is a few differences though. First of all, the game is in third person perspective instead of isometric. This makes a huge difference in what you see and how the game plays, also, from what I can tell, there’s no targeting: you’ll have to aim all your skills by yourself. In LOL terms, every skill is a skillshot. There’s also other more subtle differences that enhances the gaming experiance. E.g. Minotaur instead of the LOL nexus, phoenix instead of the last line of towers ans so on. Overall the third person perspective makes you feel more immersed.


If you’re interested in MOBA games at all, I see no reason not to try this out. It’s  kind of fun, and it will be free to play. It’s nice to see someone taking a different approach to this genre.