FM2013 Welling story: 2013 season recap (before playoffs)

Welling finished the season in 5th place, thanks to the great start of the season. DUring the 2nd half pretty much everything went wrong, so my hopes for the playoffs are pretty low. The team managed to stay in 5th place , because other teams didn’t do to well, and we managed to win a few matches every now and then. Salsbury ended up winning the division. The Playoff teams are Boreham wood, Welling Hayes and Yeeding and Dover. Sadly I didn’t take a screenshot of league standings before playoffs were announced, so I currently can’t view the league standings, but I ended up in 5th by one point!.

I also managed to renew the contracts of all the players I want to keep, including Jack Obersteller, Hughes-Mason and other. I haven’t managed to sell any of the players I wanted to get rid of, so I’ll have to let them go for free.

I don’t expect and player or manager of the year award this year, but hopefully we can get a promotion if the players can play like they did early on.

I’ll be back with a final recap once the playoffs are done.




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